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It looks like this discount code has expired. Checking into our systems here, I see that there are very few sales using this discount code in the time since we set this up for you. Going forward, we are looking for resellers that can handle higher volume consistently, at least 10 DSP or 20 GCode Keys per month.

We’ve grown a lot, and have a ton of vendor discounts that are rarely (some never) used, and keeping track of contact info and terms for all of them is becoming real work, so we need to make some changes, including minimum volume to be a vendor.

Going forward, you could point your customers to our website to purchase their key directly, or if needed, you could purchase on their behalf, but it would be at the full retail price.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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Tel: +421 948 916 516 E-mail: sale@laser-centrum.sk